At Futura Macchina, we materialize concepts through formal and mechanical designs that end in the fabrication of unique creations. We want those emotions which foster the creation of each project to be reflected by incorporating artistic language, which prevails over the relevant technical elements. To do this, we have several design tools and construction techniques -and we always think about preserving the idea of those who trust us.

Patricio Castelli was born in San Isidro, Argentina. Since he was achild, he’s been influenced by science fiction and publications likePopular Mechanics. When he was young, he learnt aeronauticaltechniques for sheet forming, a trade that, to this day, he applieswhen manually creating vehicles -mainly motorcycles, which are thefruit of his imaginarium.

Matias Ichuribehere was born in La Plata, Argentina. To his early interest in art, we would later add his passion for the technical world. He would then find the union of both spheres in Industrial Design. With a decade-long experience in projecting machines for the industry, he is now a part of Futura Macchina.


Alem 106 - San Fernando,

Buenos Aires, Argentina


+54 9 11 5647-5893